In 1972, David Bowie gave birth to arguably his most famous alter-ego, Ziggy Stardust-an androgynous alien with spiky tangerine h air, theatrical makeup and brightly-colored glam rock attire. An eponymous ode to the character appears on Bowie’s album, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, which was released that year. With the album, Bowie redefined glam rock and spent 18 months in the years 1972 and 1973 touring the United Kingdom, North America and Japan. During the tour, Bowie invited a Cambridge University graduate, M ick Rock, to be his personal photographer. They first met backstage in March 1972. olkcim.cnRead More →

est most of the unsalable exports, and many of China’s exports will also shift to other foreign markets. The US will continu e to purchase China-made goods if there are no substitutes, but US consumers will need to pay more, Guo said. Research released by the International Monetary Fund on Friday showed that some of these tariffs have been passed on to US consumers, while others have been absorbed by importers leading to lower profit margins. US restrictions on high-tech exports to China will push up Washington’s trade deficit with China, and rising prices could also reverse the low inflation in the US. Meanwhile, anyRead More →

and substantive progress thanks to efforts from both sides. Meanwhile the talks face some serious problems which need to be resolved. The top diplomat said that as long as the negotiations meet the general direction of China’s reform an d opening-up policy, adhere to China’s basic needs about high-quality development and serve the com mon interests of the Chinese and US people, the negotiator teams from both sides could have the capability and w isdom to settle their reasonable demands and eventually achieve a win-win agreement. Wang said China insists on upholding national sovereignty, safeguarding the inter ests of its people and defending national honorRead More →

bstacles to those that Asian and Latin American platforms previously had to overcome, including a lack of reliable payment systems, low trust between buyers and sellers, and logistics and deliv ry bottlenecks. But the experience of other regions shows that these shortcomings can be addressed over time. Internet regulations must not be disruptive The bigger risk to these platforms stems from the inevitable and necessary increase in regulation of the internet arou nd the world. In particular, diverse national regulatory regimes may inadvertently or deliberately disrupt or bloc k the international development of e-commerce ecosystems, hurting lower-income countries in the process. Avo iding the creationRead More →

Emirates Pavilion, hasn’t had time yet to visit the China Pavilion as he has been busy with his own pavilion. “We will have more time later to have a walk in the park, and the China Pavilion will be our first stop for sure,” he said. The International Pavilion, a venue for international horticultural exhibitions and competitions duri ng the expo, has a public space with an overhang made of 94 structures representing flowers and umbrellas. As the exhibition will also be held during the hottest days of the Beijing summer, these o verhead structures will help reduce muggy conditions for crowds waiting in lineRead More →

tion with China on jointly building the Belt and Road, She said. Noting that the history of Italy-China exchanges for the past 50 years has been a history of dia logue and friendship, the speaker said the Italian Senate is willing to facilitate exchanges between the two cou ntries’ legislative institutions, and continue to make contributions to deepening Italy-China friendly cooperation. Xi arrived in Rome Thursday for a state visit to Italy, the first stop of his three-nation Europe tour, which will also take him to Monaco and France. hinese authorities have unveiled detailed measures to implement valu e-added tax reform, a key step toRead More →

  India’s second-richest man is giving billions to charity in what may be the country’s biggest single donation ever.   Azim Premji, the billionaire chairman of Wipro (WIT), is handing shares in the tech company worth nearly 530 billion rupees ($7.5 billion) to his philanthropic foundation.   The tech tycoon has now donated a total of $21 billion to the Azim Premji Foundat ion over several years, including 67% of Wipro’s shares, the foundation said in a statement.   Premji, 73, has a fortune of more than $18 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.   He was the first Indian to sign the Giving Pledge, a campaign started byRead More →

as well as between Pyongyang and other stakeholders on the Korean Peninsula, if Japan maintains its conservative strategy for North Korea, its overall Northeast Asia diplomacy will be affected. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would find it hard to shore up d omestic support through vibrant diplomacy. Tokyo can take advantage of the positive si gnals the next Trump-Kim summit generates to win the opportunity to boost its ties with North Korea. If Washington-Pyongyang ties are significantly enhanced, it will send a conciliatory messag e to Tokyo. Under the US-Japan-South Korea alliance and under the framework of US-Japan m ilitary cooperation, if North Korea isRead More →

Thailand’s Election Commission rejected Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya’s candidacy for next month’s general elec tion on Monday. This is in keeping with the Thai tradition that says the monarchy must remain above politics. This incident has added another twist to the election the run-up to which has been complicated. In 2014, Thailand’s military seized control of the country after negotiations with rival political factions failed. Sub sequently, then head of the army General Prayuth Chan-o-Cha took over as the Prime Minister. It is expected that the up coming general election on March 24 would end the more than four-year-old rule of Prayuth’s junta. However, originally scheduledRead More →

Huawei and Qualcomm settle temporarily: Huawei pays Qualcomm $150 million Quarterly According to foreign media reports, Qualcomm said Huawei had signed a short-term authorization agreement with Qualcomm. In a conference call with anal ysts on the company’s financial performance, Qualcomm Chief Financial Officer George Davis said Huawei would pay Qualcomm $150 million a quarter. Th e deal, which was concluded by Qualcomm in the first quarter ending December 30, will last until June 30. Qualcomm probably wants to concentrate on Apple’s patent war. Collection of Five Blessings: Occupy Your Blessing, Must Have Houfu and Other Hot Words This year Alipay’s new “flower card” and “luckyRead More →