nce and other tec上海千花网女神会所hnologies, some traditional professions will be replaced by new ones and universities n eed to update their specializations so as to meet the changing demands of the workplace. If anything, the national college entrance examination can be compared to a way station in a person’s life journey. It is hard to do a great job in gaokao, but it is even harder to equip oneself well enough, whether at college or not, for what will unfold in the next section of the journey. The growing number of gaokao examinees has resulted in an intensified scr amble to squeeze through the doors into university, with accompanyingRead More →

rch center at t上海千花网女神会所he administration, the Center of Sh anghai International Film and TV Festival and the audiovisual communication research ce nter at Peking University, about 1,500 films were screened exclusively online in 2018, a drop from 2,400 in 2016. The drop is partly a result of the rising budgets for online movies, which as the survey also shows, have gr own a hundredfold, surging from several hundred thousand yuan in 2015 to tens of millions of yuan in 2018. “We hope to see the quality of films continue to improve as more budget is alloca ted to such projects,” says Lu Di, director ofRead More →

Trip will includ上海千花网女神会所e bilateral talks with leaders of nations at regional organization’s meeting China will sign an array of cooperation agreements with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan during President Xi Jinping’s state visits to the two Central Asian countries to further strengthen their ties, a senior diplomat said on Monday. As an important outcome of Xi’s visits, Beijing will also sign a joint statement with each country on furthering their com prehensive strategic partnerships, Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui said at a news briefing. Xi will also attend the 19th meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Bishkek, the Kyrgyz capital,Read More →

he next five to seven years, China’s policy support for new energy vehicles will drive g lobal growth,” said Kou Nannan, head of research at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. As early as in 2012, the State Council introduced a pipeline to guide the development of the natio n’s EVs, with a goal of producing 2 million units and selling 5 million EVs by 2020. Later on, cent ral and local governments carried out a series of subsidy policies in the NEV industry, such as purchase tax exemption an d purchase subsidies, to offer greater support to the industrialization of China’s NEV industry. According to theRead More →

heir Sherpa guides had taught them how to maintain healthy blood circulation and remain safe in crowded conditions, she said. This spring, 144 foreign and 12 Chinese climbers have also attempted to con quer Qomolangma from Tibet, according to the Tibet Mountaineering Association. “D espite having a smaller number of climbers, traffic jams also happened on the Tibetan side,” Ma said. “Crowds are usual on some mountains. It’s not a new phenomenon. Climbers often lose their live s when they don’t follow the instructions of Sherpa guides and make decisions on their own,” Kami Ri ta, an experienced Sherpa who has reached Qomolangma’s summit 24Read More →

Solana hailed the development of relations between China and the Europea n Union, saying they could work together to uphold the existing international system. “I think cooperation between China and the European Union is very impor tant. And fortunately, that relationship now is in a good direction,” said Solana, who se rved as the EU’s high representative for common foreign and security policy between 1999 and 2009. He expected China to play a bigger role in the upcoming Group of 20 summit in Osa ka, Japan, saying that leaders of major powers should sit down and have productive talks. He hailed the Belt and RoadRead More →

embers. If its members cannot reform the architecture and resolve the key issues, they may all end up in various regional groups. “Many bilateral tensions or challenges countries are facing today requir e a multilateral response, and WTO reform is definitely needed, especially in the area s of trade and investment,” said Xue Rongjiu, deputy director of the Beijing-based China Society for WTO Studies. Chen Fengying, a senior economics researcher at the China Institutes of Contemporary Internationa l Relations, said the US government seems to have made driving WTO reform its priority so that the country can claim the high gr ound in global tradeRead More →

Concern over the recent escalation of tensions between Palestinians and Israelis have been temporarily relieved after Palestin ian leaders in Gaza agreed a cease-fire with Israel early on Monday. Right now, nothing is more important than u pholding the cease-fire as the atmosphere between the two rivals has not been so combustible since 2014. Since Friday, militant groups in Gaza have fired more than 600 rockets a nd other projectiles at southern Israeli cities and villages, killing four Israeli civilians, wit h Israel retaliating with air and artillery strikes, killing 27 people, including 14 civilians, in Gaza. The latest border clashes, the most deadly sinceRead More →

 dialogues based on harmony in diversity and inclusiveness. We need to undertake the cultural responsibility of inter national communicators, and let exchanges of culture and among civilizations, as well as mutual learning, co nstantly serve as bridges for people’s friendship, the impetus of international cooperation and bond of world peace. Second, we should become builders of world peace and development. The wheel of humanities’ de velopment is unstoppable. Peace, reconciliation and harmony are historical trends. Equality, mut ual trust and win-win cooperation are historical necessities. Yet, as international conventions are attacked an d multilateral mechanisms are challenged, the anti-globalization tendency rises, and unilateralism and traRead More →

rsity’s Kellogg College in England, called opening to more foreign investment a very important development. “Of course this will expose both inward investors and indigenous organiza tions to some stark differences in management and doing business between them, which in tu rn requires more globally effective leaders who are less ethnocentric and more culturally aware,” he said. Sikhumbuzo Zondi, a research assistant at the Institute for Global Dialogue associated with the University of South Africa, said another important aspect of Xi’s opening address was the desire to invest more resources in scientific innovation and technology. The aim is to develop technologies and business models thatRead More →