ckdown on bre上海楼凤品茶微信aches by listed firms, which is conducive to boosting investor confidence for the STAR Market,” he said. For instance, the guideline calls for stricter criminal liability for issuers and intermediaries tha t engage in fraudulent floats, and identifies the civil liability of brokerages in reviewing investors’ su itability to shield those unable to deal with the risks of investing in high-tech companies. According to Liu, it is of great importance to strengthen the protection of investors in the new board. “It’s not only because inadequate investor protection has been a bane of the whole A-share market, but also becau se innovations on theRead More →

s to the current Fu上海楼凤品茶微信gitive Offenders and the Mutual Leg al Assistance in Criminal Matters Ordinance due to a case involving a Hong Ko ng resident who fled back to the city after allegedly murdering his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan. The revisions will allow Hong Kong to surrender fugitives on a case-by-case basis to jurisdictio ns that do not have long-term rendition agreements with it, including the Chinese mainland and Taiwan. The bill was scheduled to go through a second reading at the full LegCo m eeting on Wednesday. It was postponed until further notice due to the protest. n a commentary published on JuneRead More →

eviewers and editors in its publication process. All IEEE members, regardless of employer, can continue to participate in all of the activities of the IEEE. On May 16, the US Department of Commerce applied exp ort control restrictions to Huawei Technology Ltd and 68 of its affiliates. IEEE issued a state ment regarding compliance and stated if the US government clarified the application of the US Export Ad ministration Regulations with respect to peer review IEEE would provide an update to the IEEE community. In a latest IEEE statement, it said it has received the required clarification, so all IEEE members, regardless of employer, canRead More →

Students from a Macao primary school hailed President Xi Jinping’s reply letter delivered to them before International Chil dren’s Day, and they pledged to live up to Xi’s expectations by passing on the traditions of loving Macao and the country. In the library of the Hou Kong Premier School Affiliated to Hou Kong Middle School in Macao, students clapped after hearing Xi’s letter. Hou Kong Middle School, established in 1932, was the first to raise a national flag in Macao on Oct 1, 1949. “I am so excited to receive a reply,” said fifth-grader Dang Wingzi, one of the stude nts who wrote the initialRead More →

The People’s Liberation Army will adamantly support regional and world peace, but will not be “bullied or preyed upon” by foreign powers into giving up national sovereignty and legitimate int erests, State Councilor and Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe said on Sunday in Singapore. Experts said Wei’s speech at the Shangri-La Dialogue, a key defense summ it, marked a milestone in Chinese military diplomacy as Wei showcased the PLA’s confide nce, positions on key issues and its sincerity and willingness to exchange and cooperate with other countries. It is the first time in eight years that a Chinese defense minister has participated in the event.Read More →

tions of China’s express industry and harmed the legitimate rights of Chinese clients, so the Chinese au thorities decided to launch the investigation, Ma Junsheng, the bureau head, said in a statement on its website on Sunday. “The fundamental rule of express services is that the service provider must deliver parcels to designated addresses and receivers. Postal service administrators have the right to look into any violations,” he said without mentioning the names of the clients that lodged complaints. On Saturday, China announced that FedEx was put under investi gation after Huawei Technologies Co claimed that FedEx, without providing any detailed expl anation, diverted twoRead More →

Pragmatic cooperation, global strategic stability high on Sino-Russian agenda Beijing and Moscow will sign around 30 cooperation documents d uring President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Russia next week, including two joint statements on bilateral t ies as well as on global strategic stability, Vice-Foreign Minister Zhang Hanhui said on Thursday. Xi will kick off a three-day state visit to Russia on Wednesday at the invitation of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and attend the 23rd St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to be held between June 6 and June 8. The two presidents will witness the signing of an array of agreements on business d ealsRead More →

Eight life-size Terracotta Warriors from China are among the works sho wn as part of a rare exhibition being hosted by the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. The exhibition, Terracotta Warriors: Guardians of Immortality/Cai Guo-Qiang: The Transient Landscape, runs from May 24 to Oct 13. It offers a new perspective on China’s traditional culture with more than 160 exhibits on show, including the Qin emperor’s Terracotta Warriors, which were discovered in 1974 in China’s nor thwestern Shaanxi province, and are widely described as one of the wonders of the world. The exhibition features eight warriors and two life-size horses from the im perial army, asRead More →

oth sides if we can get people to sit down and really look at how do we put these pieces together,” Holden said. He listed infrastructure, energy, education and business-to-business relationships as potential areas of coope ration between China and the US, and he suggested such cooperation could start from subnational bilateral exchanges. “It’s so important to be working at the state and local level. Because in that fashion, by buildin g these relationships now, hopefully we get a more stable relationship nationally going forward,” said H olden.hina’s relevant government department decided to open an investigation into US shipping company Fed Ex, for suspected infringementRead More →

st year, increasing from 21 surgeries in 2000, the first year he returned to Zhengzhou from Australia, he said. Cheng hoped the schematic diagrams could make a contribution for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in the future. Besides his persistence on drawing the schematic diagrams, he also keeps improving techniques for his surgeries. He has been using the 8-0 sutures, the most delicate and fine surg ical stitches for heart surgeries, ever since he came back to the hospital in 2000. “For the anastomosis (or connection) of tiny coronary blood vessel in heart surgery, th e 8-0 sutures can maintain better blood flowRead More →