The world’s lightest giant panda has been born in Chengdu, Sichuan province. According to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, a fema le cub about the weight of an average chicken egg was born in the base on Tuesday. Chengda, an eight-year-old female panda, gave birth to two female cubs that day. “At 2:41 pm, Chengda gave birth to a female cub that weighed 171.9 gram s. At 6:08 pm, it gave birth to the other female cub that weighed 42.8 grams, fewer than one -quarter of the weight of its elder sister, and measuring only two-thirds as long, ” said base chiefRead More →

 two female Chi上海龙凤1314女神会所nese climbers: Ma Liyamu from the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, and Tsang Yin Hung from Hong Kong. For Ma and Tsang, it was their second ascent to the summit of Mount Qomolangma, as Ma had reached th e top of the mountain in 2016, and Tsang conquered it in 2017. But for Sun, this was her first such experience. “What surprised me when I reached the top was the shadow of Mount Qom olangma on other mountains. It was simply magnificent and stunning and it was a heavenly experience,” she shared. Growing up, Sun didn’t have any aspirati ons to climb Mount Qomolangma,Read More →

The tariff increases that the United States has placed on Chinese goods affect not only the interests of Chinese companies and consumers, but also their US cou nterparts and threaten the security of global industrial and supply chains, according to a senior Chinese industrial official. “We once again urge the US to stop unreasonably suppressing Chin ese companies. Chinese companies deserve to invest and operate in a fair and just en vironment in the US and the world,” Vice-Minister of Industry and Information Technology Wang Zhijun said. Concerning the US decision to further increase tariffs on Chinese imports, Wang s aid during a recent interviewRead More →

Firms from China and the UK are ideal partners in many countries along t he Belt and Road Initiative, a China-Britain Business Council official said in Beijing. “The UK has taken a very positive view on seizing these opportunit ies for UK businesses, particularly our banks, our large consultancy firms and our infr astructure companies,” said Jeff Astle, managing director of China operations at the council. British expertise in areas of financial services, banking, legal services, consulting services around engineering pro vides a broad range of opportunities for UK firms to collaborate with Chinese firms in other countries, Astle said. “We benefit from many EnglishRead More →

President Xi Jinping underlined on Monday the need to shore up areas of weakness and carry out more targeted pove rty alleviation efforts in building the country into a moderately prosperous society in all respects. Xi, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chair man of the Central Military Commission, made the remark while presiding over the fourth meeting of t he Central Committee for Financial and Economic Affairs. Xi is head of the committee. The meeting stressed the importance of achieving targets for poverty alleviation across the boar d and focusing efforts on areas of extreme poverty, according toRead More →

than 150 countries, including 37 heads of state or government, for the thre e-day event starting on Thursday, Wang said, adding the forum, themed “Belt and Road Coop eration: Shaping a Brighter Shared Future”, aims to bring about high-quality cooperation under the initiative. President Xi Jinping will deliver a keynote speech at the op ening ceremony of the forum, and chair the leaders’ round-table summit, Wang said. Saying the BRI has delivered real benefits to participating countries, Wang stated the hats like “debt traps” cannot be put onto t he head of the Belt and Road, and this is not something any participating country wouldRead More →

 Lagos–Kano standard gauge project, the first standard gauge railway in Nigeria and West A frica, was officially inaugurated and started commercial operation on July 26, 2016. The railway, constructed by China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, is the first overseas railway fully adopting the Chinese r ailway standard. Spanning 186.5 kilometers, it alleviates traffic tension, improves the investment envir onment and promotes the coordinated development of regional economy and society. By Jan 11, the train service had delivered 1.23 million passengers and had safely operated for 900 days without any major accident recorded since its inception. The China-funded Colombo Port City, the largest project between CRead More →

 students, even back in my day, is to be wary of the perils of data mining. And the middle-income tra p is a classic example of the pitfalls of endless number crunching. Give me a database and a po werful computer, and I can “validate” almost any economic relationship masquerading as an analytical co njecture. There are five key reasons to dismiss the widespread diagnosis that China is ensnared in the middle-income trap. First, a middle-income trap may not even exist. That is the conclusion of a rigorous empirical stud y by Lant Pritchett and Lawrence Summers that covers a broad cross section of 125Read More →

 said. “This is not only beneficial to the two countries and their peoples, but also conducive to the entire world.” The words came as the US Department of Commerce reported that the US trade deficit with China narrowed by 6.4 perce nt to $34.5 billion in January. US goods exports to China dropped 22.3 percent to $7.1 billion, the lowest since Sep tember 2010, and Chinese imports dropped 9.6 percent to $41.6 billion, the Commerce Department said. The trade imbalance has been at the center of monthslong tensions between China and the US. Other iss ues at the top of the list for their consultationsRead More →

 and media need to focus on long term development of Chinese soccer instead of what happens at the tournament. “It’s like building a house-the first job is to build a solid foundation,” he said “Based on that, we can have success. Compared to Japan and South Korea, their plans started decades ago. “They are 20 to 25 years ahead of China in terms of their soccer development.” Another factor was that Cannavaro did not recall China’s best striker, Wu Lei, who is now playing for Espanyol in La Liga. Other experienced veterans, such as captain Zheng Zhi, were passed over in order to make wayRead More →