-than-expected box office market. The National Radio and Television Administration said box -office revenue hit 31.17 billion yuan in the first half of 2019 in China, down 2.7 percent year-on-year. 上海品茶微信女神会所 To Athanasopoulos, Chinese audiences’ increasing demand for blockbusters and higher-re  上海品茶微信solution screens is part of the reason why premium film screenings are welcome. “We saw strong demand in blockbusters, not only those (from) Hollywood but also Ch inese-language films, which are increasingly welcomed by Chinese audiences.” 上海品茶微信女神会所 Athanasopoulos was talking about the science-fiction hit The Wandering Earth during the Spring Festiv  上海品茶微信al holiday. IMAX China’s bet on the film garnered earnings of over 300 million yuanRead More →

hina will shorten the time required for reviewing applications of high-value patents and for trademark registrations as pa 上海乌托邦品茶微信rt of its effort to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights and improve the business climate, the State Council’s executive meeting, chaired by Premier Li Keqiang, decided on Wednesday.上海乌托邦 “Further enhancing the protection of intellect ual property rights is crucial to improving our property rights protection system. It is re 上海乌托邦quired by scientific and technological innovation and essential for China’s greater opening-up,” Li said. Those attending the meeting on Wednesday decided to intensify law enforcement action in intellectual property上海乌托邦品茶微信 rights protection and stressed that all typesRead More →

Well, we were showing in Paris, London and New York, but three years ago we went into the mainland. We luckily found a showroom that could help us. The mainla上海千花网女神会所 nd’s market is hard, because stores are very new; brands might not have a website, just WeChat. But sales have 上海千花网grown from our first season to now and it has been significant. The mainland has overtaken my orders from Europe. And of cour se, the scale is different. We have around 25 points of sale there now. So yes, we’re focusing more and more on the mainland.上海千花网女神会所 Do you design especially for the mainland market? WeRead More →

follow as guidance the strategic consensus reached by the leaders of the two parties and the two countries, firmly support each other on the socialist path, carry 上海419品茶微信forward the traditional friendship, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, and effectively manage differences, so as to pu sh forward their bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation. Ngan paid a visit to China from Monday to Friday at the invitation of top Chinese legislator Li Zhanshu.上海419 China said on Friday that, in order to safeguard its national interests, it will impose san 上海419品茶微信ctions on United States companies taking part in a $2.2 billion sale of military equipment to Taiwan. TheRead More →

Chinese and Western elements and values can find common ground. A good example being the part in the trailer where the matchmaker describes the qu alities that make for a good wife, namely a woman being “quiet, composed, graceful, disciplined”. This is said with M上海千花网品茶微信 ulan appearing in two images. One has her dressing as a woman, the other with her practicing sword. Obviously Disney de 上海千花网scribed Mulan as a warrior, an independent female who can save herself instead of waiting for someone to save her. That’s a good point where Chinese and Western values are similar because gender equality and female independence are上海千花网 nowRead More →

y and Pluto, which have very thin atmospheres, Mars has an atmosphere composed mainly of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. It is unfit for human survival, but there is the possibility of transforming the carbon dioxide into oxygen with green plants.上海夜生活品茶微信 And unlike Venus, which has a similar atmosphere, Mars has liquid water, as detected in June 2018. The water is kilome 上海夜生活ters underground, but human inhabitants can pump it out with engineering devices. There are even M artian maps that make scientists believe there used to be rivers on the surface of the planet.上海夜生活 With all the advantages, Mars has already become the next destinationRead More →

hina has intr上海会所oduced a two-year pilot program to find out the psychological condition s and needs of senior citizens at the primary level, the National Health Commission (NHC) announced Thursday.上海会所 Covering 1,600 urban communities and 320 villages, the pilot program targets permanent re 上海会所品茶微信sidents aged 65 or above, said Wang Haidong, director of NHC‘s Department of Ageing and Health. Under the program, psychological assessment is carried out based on the personal will of the elderly, said Wang, adding that necessary mental interventions and suggestions of medical treatment would be offered depending on the results.上海会所 The program is initiated in response to increasingly prominent mental problemsRead More →

The Sino-Singapore Knowledge Forum was held in the city-state at the Four Seasons Ho tel on Friday, when officials and top executives from both sides signed numerous agreements.上海千花网 It was the first time that the annual event has been held in Singapore. Previously, it had been hosted in Guangzhou, Guangdong province for the past five years. 上海千花网品茶微信As a flagship project of the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, an example of bilateral cooperation, the SSK F is currently the only high-level forum that is now taking turns to be held in China and Singapore, its organizers said. Themed “forging new frontiers – all-round opening-up and innovation-driven development”,Read More →

 driving permits上海夜网 for foreigners from three months to a maximum of one year. And 上海夜网they will not have to reapply for permits if they leave the island during that period. The third will make applying for driving permits easier by setting up service centers at po rts, airports and other ports of entry along with offering online services to ease the application process. As part of its efforts to comprehensively deepen reform and opening-up, China rolled out a pla上海夜网女神会所 n in October for building the island province into a pilot free trade zone, giving it more autonomy to speed up the fostering of an internationalRead More →

onbury Festival 上海后花园over the weekend. For her, the continued invitations from the organizers represent something bigger than a vote of confid ence in her individual ability. She is hopeful that now she has opened the door, more Chinese DJs will walk through it.上海后花园品茶微信 In my production, I always have Chinese instruments, Chinese culture and a Chinese vibe. I wa nt to bring that here and I hope people can appreciate it,” she said. “I want to bring my music, the m上海后花园 usic from Asia, to the crowd in Europe, and make people understand what the difference is, and the different way we party.” 上海后花园品茶微信 ThisRead More →